tisdag 27 december 2011

Golden Eagles

A good start after Christmas, we had Golden Eagles visiting the whole day through.

lördag 17 december 2011

Eurasian Pygmy Owl

A small hunter of great scenery, a picture from this afternoon. Eurasian Pygmy Owl watch over its hunting grounds.

tisdag 13 december 2011

A real fighter

A real fighter.
This Golden eagle has come for a visit recent years, it usually shows up at the end of December and stay until February. If another Golden eagle is in the area it will attack immediately. Last season it looked to have lost some of its strength and received several harsh attacks by the female area eagle.
Here with a natural crutch from a moose. I hope to see this eagle soon.

tisdag 6 december 2011

The Eagle Man

The Italian magazine Latitudeslife Travel Magazine visited me last march and made an article called The Eagle Man. Read it here: