tisdag 17 maj 2011

Guardian of wall and mire.

A shy bird that`s constantly on guard and with help from spies and several guard posts keeps lookout in the area. It keeps it self safe while also warning other wild animals when danger draws close. That is our raven in north of Sweden. This bird is both cunning and inventive in it`s hunt for food while also being an important garbage collector.

Just over a week later i`m photographing raven again; this time in London`s old mythical fortress The Tower. Here though, the raven have a diffrent purpose; according to the legend the British kingdom will fall when the seven ravens either die or leave the Tower. (Good thing the legend was most likely proven wrong when most or all ravens died of shock during the Nazi bombing of London in World War II. According to some sayings one raven survived. In present day the raven are taken care of by a special " ravenmaster", who sees to it that they get there daily meal consisting of 170 grams of meat and special bird biscuits drenched in blood. They even get to feast on eggs once a week.

Ravens are always skilled imitators and here in the tower they seem to have picked up sounds of mantle motions from rifles. To keep the ravens in check - despite the good food some ravens have left the tower - they clip their left wings. Though thera have been occasion when raven got fired.

One of these had the bad habbit of breaking TV - antennas and the other one - fittingly named Grog - was last seen outside East End pub.

onsdag 4 maj 2011

Six nights and mornings in my Capercaille hide

In one of my tent we were visited by an impertinent capercaillie. When one of my guests was in the hide, tried the grouse to fly up and sit down on the tent. I was awakened by the capercaillie ran into the tent. The name of this capercaillie is Great Albin.