onsdag 23 mars 2011

New tree hide

New plans for the summer!
My intentions are to have my third tree hide ready this autumn. I have found a suitable place for it up in some pine trees. From this hide it will be possible to take pictures with wide-angle lenses and telephoto lenses.
This picture was taken from my second tree hide. I used a 16-35 wide-angle leans and a flash assembled about 30 cm under the camera. I put out some meat on the roof of the hide. Than I just had to wait and pull the trigger of the camera when the eagle jumped out.
I have retouched from the picture some smaller snow flakes falling from the roof when the eagle jumped.

fredag 11 mars 2011

A feather in one's cap…Or...?

A feather in one´s cap...Or...?

tisdag 1 mars 2011

Mellan träden/Between trees

Bättre en fågel mellan träden än tio bakom...
Better a bird between trees then ten behind...