tisdag 28 oktober 2014

Wildlife controlled and uncontrolled

During the Golden eagle workshop this weekend we had an interesting talk about wildlife photographing and its circumstances. One of the participants quoted a well-known nature photographer who expressed his ideas concerning "wildlife controlled and uncontrolled".  Many nature pictures nowadays become as a result of the "wildlife controlled method" (wich of course varies depending of the subject). It means that someone has planned his picture and taken steps to realize it. This reflection picture of Golden eagle for example.  I had a picture in my head of a drinking eagle. So I built a pond at a chosen place outside one of my eagle hides, carefully considering backgrounds, light and so on. Bait was put out (roadkilled, railroadkilled or veterinary examined meat which I have permission to put out) and after that it is just to wait... Total silence and no sudden movements are absolute conditions to  - maybe - get a result. So it takes a lot of planning, patience and understanding of animals and nature to get the desired result.
Now I have got the pictures.
The beaver, on the other hand, is a result of the wildlife uncontrolled method. I did spend lots of time this summer in the canoe; ready for everything or anything who would turn up.  Silence is important but also to take notice for example of wind direction so the beaver, or other animals, can´t scent me out.
This is two different methods in wildlife photographing and I like them both, because each one of them has its own fascination.